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Joanna Turnbull

Mediums - Lapidary Glass Metals - Copper and Silver

Joanna Turnbull
Joanna Turnbull
Joanna Turnbull
Joanna Turnbull

Artist Statement

Rocks are the key that started me down a Rabbit Hole into my creative journey.

Quartz crystals were the beginning. The beauty of this stone and the way it refracts light into rainbows of color caught my eye and held my imagination. This led me to the art of lapidary, or polishing of stones. I was captivated by my ability to take a plain rock and turn it into an object of color and beauty.

This pursuit of colors gradually led me to working glass on a torch. I was now able to create the colors that my mind insisted were right. The two disciplines blended together when I started mounting my glass sculptures on polished slabs of gemstones.

Recently I discovered some interesting shapes made from copper wire. Again, my mind kicked into overdrive and off I ran! I am still feeling my way with the copper and my gemstones are slowly wandering into the copper creations.

The journey of creating is a life study for me. I cannot imagine life without the joy of creating with my hands that which my mind sees. I also love sharing my creations with other people. I love when their eyes light up and they see the beauty, whimsy, or color in each piece.


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