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Janice (Noll) Kinman

Janice Kinman

Artist Statement

After retiring from a lifetime of serving the public and supporting corporate executives, I grabbed the opportunity to pursue my passion for art. So, began my training five years ago.

I enrolled in Missouri Southern State University (MSSU), Joplin, MO., and took a class four semesters including acrylic painting, drawing, advanced drawing and watercolor. I also enrolled in workshops offered by Charles Harrington and George “Papa” Tutt. I took advantage of free instruction given by Bob Tommey, Andy Thomas and John Fitzgibbons at local galleries.

My preference became acrylic, both as a heavy medium and transparency of watercolor. Graphite, colored pencil and charcoal are often desired. Yellow is always a predominant color on my palette because it is bright, cheerful and always produces light. Equally, my brush often portrays soft and subtle images. When I get inspired, I can't wait to create and share it. Many of my paintings result from travels, both national and abroad. Photography and a combination of interesting objects provide landscapes, architecture and still life. My art expresses warmth and energy, hopefully invoking a happy experience and connection with those who view my efforts. Detail and realism are important, conveying my inner self and beauty in the world around.

Participation includes juried competitions, exhibitions and art auctions. I have received awards inThomas Hart Benton Competitions as an Emerging Artist. Commissioned works are increasingly enjoyed.


ArtCentral, Carthage, MO
Spiva Center for the Arts, Joplin, MO


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