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Elizabeth Gramith

Medium - Various

Beth Gramith
sherry pettey
Sherry Pettey


Born to missionary parents in the Himalayan mountains bordering Napal and North India and growing up in East Africa, different cultures, languages and lifestyles have been a life from influence on my life. At the age of 10, after completing a detailed sketch, in church, of a bullfight, my mother bought me some oil paints. My first painting, a lion and Mount Kilimanjaro, on on Masonite board, won a art contest in Dar es Salam East Africa. Art quickly became my favorite subject, and I took classes at every opportunity. After graduating from high school, I received scholarships for art and nursing. I attended Drury and SMSU universities in Springfield Mo.

Today art continues to be my passion. I engage it to express my joy in celebrating God's diverse creation. Using light and color, I hope to entice and capture the attention of my viewers into experiencing what a wonderful marvelous world God has created. I take pride in working proficiently in a variety of art medias.

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