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Steve Binam

Medium - Oil, Acrylic,Watercolor, Ink and Pencil

Steve Binam cherries painting
Steve Binam painting Steve Binam onion garlic painting  

Artist Statement

Steve Binam and His Wife Mel, have lived in Jasper Mo. for the past 16 years. Steve is a [Charter Member] of, The American Society of Bovine Artist, Spiva Center for the Arts, and art Central here in Carthage, Missouri. Steve's paintings hang in Koka Art Gallery, Carthage, Cherry's Custom frame and Gallery, Carthage and The Rose Fine Art Gallery in Joplin. Most of Steve's art is done in Oil, He also works in Acrylic,Watercolor, Ink and Pencil sketches. His art is of Still life, Figurative and Wildlife. He also paints Portraits by Commission.

He started studying art at the University of Arkansas'"Upward Bound " program in 1974 where he was Art editor for the Upward Bound paper. Most recently he studied Color theory by, Theresa Rankin. Steve is a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force and a Member of the American Legion

My interest in art was fueled in the early 60's as a young child, seeing all the colors and the smell of Linseed oil in an artist studio ,west of Lancaster Calif. My style is realism . I paint what I see with an added Passion of My Mind's Eye. A True to Life Style which is evolving. I find inspiration from the Old Masters. As well as Living Masters such as Nelson Shanks,Richard Schmid and Harvery Dinnerstein and I find Inspiration from, Andy Thomas, Theresa Rankin, Bob Tommey ,Carlo Adamec and Many of My Friends in the Local Artist Community.


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